Atif Ahmed

I am a graduate student majoring in Machine Learning from Computer Science Department at Columbia University. My interests revolve around Machine Learning and its applications to Vision and Natural Language Processing. Currently I am working with Oscar Chang under Prof. Hod Lipson where I am working on comparison of methods for promoting diversity in a set of vectors and their application in LDA topic modeling, CNNs and multi-hop attention models. I am also being advised by Noura Farra under Prof. Kathleen McKeown, where I am working on developing cross-lingual word embeddings for very low-resource languages and using them for sentiment analysis.

I did my bachelors in Information Technology from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal in 2015.

I spent Summer 2017 at Uber ATG (Advanced Technologies Group) working on building a system for visualization of performance data to analyze possible performance issues with the AVMaps (Autonomous Vehicle Maps) creation pipeline.

I am interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Systems. I envision to work at intersection of fields and leverage the techniques across fields.

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